Atlantic Botanical Garden. Proposal of Parks and Gardens for Caribbean Greenhouse. More problem than solution.

This proposal want to build the Caribbean Biome in the place than in the Master Plan of the Botanical Garden we design the American Boreal Biome. Maybe we were in a mistake but is sure than a place can not get in equal conditions a proposal for an tropical area than for a cold climate collection. 

When we design an space the first step is to know its conditions. We did this studies ten years ago and decided than this was the best place for the Boreal area cause the low land, the river level and the shadow of the historic trees at the south give a very bad conditions to another botanic collection. After ten years we know than this is the place with more risk of frost in all the Botanical Garden and the freatic level is so high. There are other conditions because we putted the Tropical Biome in the north west corner of the land and this decision had relation with the balance of interest point and the infrastructure to support the heating needless of a greenhouse (the line of power is near of that corner and far from this new place). 
But if we forget the river level, the frost, the distance of power line, the impact of construction over the monument of historic Labor University and we considerate just the shadows of the trees of the Historical Garden at the south, we see than on 21 of December, when we need more light and heat for a tropical collection, the surround of the proposal greenhouse has not plain sun in all day, and the greenhouse just receive sun light from 11:00 to 16:00 hours. This was in a inform I sent one and half year ago to the head of Parks & Gardens and the Council  Woman of Environment but it look they haver more interest in the new building the want to make near the Greenhouse than in the conditions and the cost of maintenance of this greenhouse. I think than with this images the new do not need more coments.   

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