Atlantic Botanical Garden. Coastal Cantabrian Surroundings. In project.

The Coastal Cantabrian Surroundings are one of the developing elements that lack to complete the Cantabrian Surroundings. Located next to the princiapal entrance to the west of the Hesperides Walk, so that the visitor penetrates in the garden through the near nature. They will allow to study exsitu the ecosystems and threatened plants of the dune areas, cliffs, salt marshes, peat bogs and leaving an area for the alpine endemic species. The presented/displayed planes are the original project that contemplates a duplicate of the building of access.  A place of the natural spaces of the County of Asturias to the north, in order to connect the Botanist with the natural parks within the Asturian Community. The connection between the zone of Cantabrian forests and the new coastal area considered with the connection in the North face of the river of a collection of Cantabrian endemic ferns that complete the existing ones. An gardening school is making an excellent work of preparation of the drainages and infrastructure, as well as the pasatubos for the second phase of the garden, that will allow to visualize the coastal zone with its dunes of three meters of height and the existing control systems of vegetation in the same. The cliff, with their clown system that allowed the visitor to see the movement of the water through a section of an active clown, the salt marsh and the sea with the game of waves and tides would have to be in the future extension project.

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