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Principales Actividades y Proyectos (Por Tipo) /Main Activities and projects. (list by type):

-Arquitectura  Paisajista y Tematización / Landscape architecture and Theming:

·         Botanical Gardens:
o Jardín Botánico Atlántico/ Atlantic Botanical Gardens. (Gijón, Asturias. Spain).
o   II Phase projects 2003-2010:
§ Plaza de Cuelebre (Parque Infantil Tematizado) (Playground area in 
Forest for children 2008-2010). 

§  Project Pavilion of Fiber Plants. (2008).

  § § Environment Cantabrian Dune (2007) 

§  Preliminary draft tropical biome Caribbean. (2006)

§  Forest of the children (2005.)

§  European Temperate Biome. (20042009)
§  Lighting project. (2005)

§  Riparian Alder Forest (2005)

§  European Boreal Biome. (2004)
o   Contruction Management of Atlantic Botanical Garden. December 2002-April 2003. Executive project of landscape architecture of Altantic Botanical Garden. Gijón. Asturias. 2000-2002.

§  Project including new areas and restoration of XIX Century Garden.

§  Designer of singular elements (pots, bridges, walls, sanitary buildings).

o       American Garden (Expo´92 Seville)
§  Landscape project of American Garden and Indoor Greenhouse to receive donated plants from American Countries to commemorate the 500 Anniversary of the Discovery of America.

·         Universal and International Exhibitions:
o   International Exhibition of Hannover 2000.
§  Indoor landscape design and technical assistant of Food and Spanish Pavillion. Client: Ingenia-qed- 1999.
o   Universal Exhibition of Seville 1992 (Expo´92, Seville.)
§  Coordinator of landscape projects of Expo´92 since 1990-1992.
§  Landscape architect and director of works of:
• World Trade Center.

      • American Gardens.

• Boulevard V with SITE (New York).

Boulevard IV (II Phase)
• Boulevard I (II Phase)
• Boulevard III. (II Phase)

      • Urbanization Lake of Spain and State Pavilion Area.

• Urbanization and Pavilion of Council of Arab World.

• Pavilion of Caribbean countries.

• Pavilion of India.
• Pavilion of South Pacific Island.

      • Central Theater Urbanization.

• Cinema Expo.
• Press Pavilion.
• Urbanization of Expo Cooling Tower.
• High speed Railway Station of Expo.
• Bus Parking.
• Cars Parking Banqueta and Charco de la Pava (9 Km.)
• Access North and South to the Monastery of La Cartuja.

      • XV Century Pavilion (Not executed)
• Sony Square and North Gate area.
• North Gate (Italica) 2nd Phase.

• Auditorium of the Cartuja and environment.
Pavilion America Square.
      • Zoco Arab.

• Roof gardens of Shopping Areas.

• Pergola SITE and Vertical Gardens.

-Director of works of projects of other landscape architects:
• Guadalquivir Park.
• Riverside Forest.
• West environment ring.
• Cartuja Park.

• Boulevard III.
• Secondary streets.
• South and North Gate Phase I.
• Urbanization World Trade Center.

§  Designer of Self watering plant container for American Garden Cascade and technical assistant to designers of tree and plant containers and roof container of buildings.

§  Head of conservation (see apart).

·         Master Plans.
o   Master Plan of Altantic Botanical Garden. Gijón. Asturias. (Winner of International contest in association with TAU-Noriega, Ingenia-qed and INDUROT (University of Oviedo). 2000.

o   Master Plan of 2nd University of Saudi Arabia. Landscape section. Client: TYPSA. Goberment of Saudi Arabia.

·         Public Parks, Museums & Thematic Parks:
o   Biodomo. Landscape and Theming. Science Park of Granada. 2013

o   Tematización Maya / Theming Maya Building. Isla Mágica. Cliente: Navegación y Ocio. 2014.
o  Tematización Acuario Expo Zaragoza. Cliente: Coutant Aquariums. 2008.
o   Enviromental reform of Main Square in Cangas de Onis. Asturias. 2006.
o   Cementery of Gijón. Landscape project of indoor streets. Public Cia. CEGISA. Gijon 2006.
o  Tematización Acuario Gijón. Cliente: Coutant Aquariums. 2005.
o Environment of Sea-World Museum. Dune Park. Matalascañas. Huelva. Ministry of environment. Goberment of Andalucía. Client: Cruz y Ortiz Arcjhitects. 1999-2000
o    Reform landscape of Aquatic Park: Aquopolis. Sevilla.  SEANTO. 1999.
o Project of tree stratum design for Landscape Park Theme: Terra Mitica, Benidorm. Alicante. Tecnopaisaje consultants and Global-Idom. 1988.

o Tematización Egipto / Theming Egypt Area. Terra Mitica, Benidorm. Alicante. GPD. 1988.

o   Project of picnic area at Guadalquivir Park. Isla Mágica Theme Park. Sevilla associated to AEI architecture. Client: Partecsa. 1993.
o   Borough of Brighton. England. 1987.
§  Collaborator in the design of municipal play ground areas.
§  Public squares gardening design.
§  Selection of species of flower for public spaces.
§  Official indoor decoration projects. Town Hall, railway station,...

·         Enviromental Projects for Natural Parks, Ports, Rivers, Lakes & Seaside Walks:

o   RIA project. Technical development of the research project on industrial water for Acelor-Mittal in collaboration with University of Oviedo and other institutions 2007-2010.
o   Laguna del Piles. Landscape Studio in collaboration with University of Oviedo.

o   Enviromental Project of Recovery, production, and re-introduction in Area LIC, of ferns affected by Motorway Unquera-Llanes.  2008-2009.
o   Landscape restoration of Mero River. A Coruña Spain. 2008-2009, for North Hydrological Confederation in collaboration with INDUROT (Univ. of Oviedo). Section 11 KMS.
o   Draft adequacy of itineraries and park visitor centre of Natural Parks of Asturias. Department of Environment of the Principality of Asturias. 2004.
o   Landscape of OSA Docks. Port authority of Gijón. 2003.
o   Enviromental restoration of Endorreics Lakes: La Cruz, La Rana and La Mota.  For FENPA and Chiclana Cadiz City Council. Considered example Good Practices for Council of Cádiz.1999-2000.
o   Draft, Construction management and execution of landscape. Marina of Mazagón. Huelva. 1998.
o   Construction management and execution of the landscaping and irrigation network of Ayamonte Marina. For FCC. Oct-97-May. 98.
o   Promenade of Mazagón. (Huelva)  Landscape and environmental restoration project. Client: TYPSA engieniers. Apr-1997.
o   Reform and Construction management of forest riverside at Guadalquivir River. Extension 7 km. Seville. Hired by Obrascón and Ficoán. 1996.
o   Landscape and environmental restoration of the promenade of Playa La Barrosa project. Cadiz. TYPSA. August 1996.
o   Management works forestry (1,000 ha. plan of Forestry of the Junta de Andalucía). Finca Los Millares. 1995-1996
o   Environmental projects (European Life Environmental Program) in collaboration with the municipalities of County of Beturia. 1996
o   Landscape project for environment of Dam in  Burgos. AEI architects. 1995.
o   Ajaraca SL, environmental projects in Area of Natural Parks of Doñana (Huelva, Spain):
§  Study to the landscape restoration to los arroyos in stacks, Seville.
§  Elaboration of plant species of Doñana environment databases.
§  Study for application filters Greens (Lagunaje) in contaminated streams.
§  Studies on waste recycling companies.
§  Study on implementation of the new forestry law to the Shire of Doñana.
§  Study of closure and afforestation of uncontrolled landfills in Huevar and Seville.

·         Hospital and Disable & Elder People Centers:
o  New Central Hospital of Asturias (HUCA). Ministry of Health of the Principality of Asturias, in collaboration with INDUROT (University of Oviedo). 2005-2010.
o   Vejer de la Frontera Hospital. 2006.
o   Benalmádena Hospital. Málaga. Planho Consulters. 2002
o   Tomelloso Hospital. Ciudad Real. Planho Consulters. 2002
o   Euroseniors Village. Benalmádena (Málaga). Disable & Elder People Resort. Group Suite. 2002.
o   Huercal-Overa Hospital. Almería.  Huarte.  1994.
o   Health Center in District Alcosa Park. Sevilla.1994
o Landscaping and gardening school for elder people San Francisco el Grande del Ayuntamiento de Madrid 3rd Center project.

·         Hotels:
o   Hotel in Salou. Holding H10. A+ Architecture. 1999-2000
o   Hotel in Fuerteventura. Holding H10. A+ Architecture.1999-2000
o   Hotel Playa Negra. Tenerife. Edustro.1999-2000
o   Technical supervision and adaptability of the project of landscape architecture of the Millares Golf & Country Clubs (Hyatt International project) for owner Carl Hirschmann. Done implementation project (not executed). 1994-

·         Office & Public Buildings:
o   House Jove. Representative Building of Port of Gijón. Asturias. 2002

o   Office in Granada. Cruz y Ortiz architects.1999-2000.
o   Landscape Project for the module type of urbanization of the Abha University faculties in Saudi Arabia. 1998.
o   New Penitentiary of Huelva. Landscape project. Commissioned by TYPSA for the Ministry of Justice. 1993.
o   World Trade Center. Sevilla. Expo´92. 1992.

o   Indoor and outdoor landscape project for central headquarters of National Radiactive Waste Company (ENRESA).
o   Indoor landscaping project for TV channel Tele-5. Not executed

·         Motorways, Roads & Public Infraestructures:

o   Construction management and execution of Highway landscaping for inauguration. DRAGADOS and CONSTRUCCIONES. 1998.
o   Project and Construction management of  Water-treatment Plant and environment for DRAGADOS, FCC & Abengoa. Villanueva del Rio y Minas. Seville. Enero-Abril 1997.
o   Study environmental impact to road Jerez - Los Barrios contest. 1997
o   The Huesna sewage irrigation and environmental project. Client: Typsa / UTE Huesna (Dragados and Abengoa). Villanueva del Rio y Minas. Sevilla. October 1996-January 1997.

·         Historic Restauration. (Gardens and Archeology)

o   Restauration of Veranes Roman House. Gijón 2003.

o   Restauration of Garden of the Island (Historic park XIX C. integrated in Atlantic Botanical Garden). Gijón 2003.

o   Restauration of Historic park 1st XX C. Quinta los Molinos. Member of landscape team, Director Jorge Subirana. Council of Madrid. 1986.

·         Private Houses, Urbanization and Villages:
o   Urbanization Riviera. Mijas. Malaga. A+architecture, design & landscape. 1999-2000.
o   Urbanization New Ubrique. Ubrique. Cádiz. TYPSA.1999-2000.
o   Preliminary study for landscape project in island Antilla (Apple 8). Arquitect Francisco del Río. Antilla island. Huelva. Dic.97
o   Urbanization Vela Mayor Beach. Sotavento Promoter. Antilla island. Huelva. Nov.97
o   Project and implementation of ornamental waterfall (60 m). Isla Antilla. Lepe. Huelva. 1997.
o   Construction management and work landscaping of San Miguel Beach Urbanization. El Rompido. Huelva. 1997.
o   Project and construction management of landscape and automatic irrigation system installation. Urbanization Velamayor. Isla Antilla. Lepe. 1997.
o   El Zorrero Village. Landscape project. Palomares. Seville. 1997

o   Project of Integration in the natural environment of new Village in the Alpujarras. Granada.1995.
o   Projects gardens and contruction management for different private urbanizations of Seville and Huelva. 1997-2003.
o   Landscape interventions in Farm Los Millares (9,000 Ha.) (lakes, cascades, forestry, …).1994-1997
o   Landscape architect for supervision of Hyatt International Hotel project:: Los Millares Golf and Country Club 1994-1996.
o   Project and construction management of private garden of the Hirschman family. Farm Los Millares. 1994

·         Golf Courses:
o   El Palomar. Private Golf Course in Valencia de D. Juan (Leon, Spain) 2012-2013.
o Los Millares Golf and Country Clubs (Hyatt International Project). Supervision of Landscape project and Golf Course Project for property. 1994-1996.
o   Master Plan for Golf Course of Matalascañas (Doñana. Huelva). 1993.

·         Roof and terrace gardens:
o  Green Terrace for Atico. Sevilla. 2016.
o   Green Roof project for Linneo Pavillion. Jardín Botánico Atlántico. Gijón. 2005.
o   Garden Terrace. Shopping building Plaza Puerto Banus. Marbella. Spain. 2001.
o   Green Roof prívate house. Mairena del Aljarafe. Sevilla. 2002.
o   Garden Terrace. Paseo Recoletos. Madrid. 1997.

o   Garden Terrace. Madrid. 1988.

·         Nurseries & Garden Centers.
o   Manager and Technical Direction of Viveros FloryFauna (Nursey and Landscape company in Gijón, Asturias) since 2010 until now.
o    Project of Nursery and transplant works direction for 300 old trees of 120 years old affected for New Hospital Project. Operation 1 month. Success after 5 years: 89%. Ministry of Health of the Principality of Asturias, in collaboration with INDUROT (University of Oviedo). 2005.
o   Project of Nursery and planning production of trees for Los Millares Golf & Country Clubs project (an Hyatt International project).
o    Orchids Greenhouse. Finca los Millares. 1994
o   Environmental Nursery for production of natural plants for National Park of Doñana. Finca las Veinte. Pilas. Seville. 1993.
o   Project of nursery in Casa de Campo de Madrid (extension of the facilities of the school gardening) 1990. Council of Madrid.
o   Projects of gardens school for different schools in the municipality of Madrid. 89-90. Council of Madrid.
o   Landscaping project and direction of works Experimental Centre of horticulture. Caixa Rural of Granada, Motril. Granada. 1990.

·         Sports Areas.
o   Golf Course project in Valencia de Don Juan (Leon) 2012-2013.
o   Technical assistant to green keepers of golf courses in Huelva and Tarragona. 1995-2003.
o  Football field reform and construction manager: Grass, Drainage and Irrigation system. Council of Villanueva del Ariscal. Sevilla. 1996.
o  Environmental Golf Course project for Matalascañas. (National Park of Doñana area). 1993.
o  Football field reform and construction manager: Grass, Drainage and Irrigation system. Council of Nuevo Baztan. Madrid. 1989.

·         Landscape architecture competitions and Price:
o   Botanic Park in Estepona. Asociated to Lisabesur for VIAS Cia. In process. 2014.
o    Garden for Cinco Jotas. Jabugo. Huelva 2013.
o International Competition for Biodomo Granada. Asociate with Coutant Aquarium for Ferrovial. Cia. 2013. Winner.
o International ideas competition for Copenhagen "Nordhavnen" port with A+architecture studio and Daniel Camargo. Lema 81992 project. 2008.
o International Competition for Master Plan of Atlantic Botanical Garden. In collaboration with Tau Noriega (architects) Ingenia-qed and INDUROT (Botanical team). Council of Gijon. 1999. Winner.

o   Competition of ideas for Soto Park. Salamanca. 1998.
o   Coordinator of the landscaping project submitted to the contest international of ideas: Dune Park (Natural Park of Doñana, Huelva) convened by the Government of Andalucía, in partnership with INGENIA S.A..1993. Finalist.
o   Landscape proposal for Palace of Linares (House of America), Madrid. Client: Public Society V Centenary. 1992
o   Contest of ideas for Park García Lorca organized by Council of Granada. 1988. Finalist.
o   Contest of remodeling of the camping de Andújar organized by Council of Andujar (Jaen). 1988.
o   Flower Show 1988. Brighton Center. Borough of Brighton. England. Winner.
o   Gardens of greeting competition. 1986. Borough of Brighton. Winner of International Section with collective project in representation of Barcelona City.

 - Land Art and Garden Sculptures and Theatre Decoration:

- Director Manager, Director de works and Head of conservation of gardens and planning. :

·         Viveros FloryFauna. Director Manager and Technical Director since 2010 until now.
·      New Hospital of Asturias. (HUCA) Direction of project and management of Nursery of Ancient Trees. GISPASA. Government of Asturias. 2005-2010
·         Atlantic Botanical Garden. City Council of Gijón. (15 Ha.). 2003-2010. Project manager y landscape architect of own and outside projects.
·         Ladoverde (Landscape architecture, Desing & Works, S.L.): Director and Chief executive. Private and Public Gardens in Spain. 1997-2003.
·         Los Millares Agropecuaria y MedioAmbiente, SA (Huelva, Spain). ((Company of the Jet Aviation Group of Companies. Hirschman Holding) (9.500 Ha.). Green Division Area Director. Technical Assistant of houses of Hirschman family in Montecarlo, Florida and Thailand. 1994-1997.
·         Freelance. Private and Public Gardens in Madrid and Seville. 1993-1996.
o   Technical management and conservation of the green spaces of phases I and III of the complex New Park of Sevilla.1994-96
·         Universal Exhibition of Seville 1992 (Expo´92).
o   Director of works of landscape architecture and gardening since Oct90-April1992.
-       Direction of own landscape projects.
-       Direction of works of landscape projects of others
-          Guadalquivir Park: Phase B and end of Phase A.
-          Cartuja Park. Phase B and reform of Phase A. 
-          Water and Origens Garden.  
-          Avenue 1..
-          Defense Wall, Phase B.
-            Partial Direction of works of others landscape projects:
-            Avenue 2,3,4.
-            Discovering Walk.
-            Streets around lake.
-            Service Access Road. (4C and 6J)
-            Indoor Service Roads.
-            West Gate.
-            West Parking.

o   Project management and conservation of the Green zones of Expo´92. Oct.90-April1992.
o Responsible for technical conservation West zone of EXPO ' 92, during the exhibition, (parks, gardens and river side) April-Oct 1992.

-       Quality and Environment Manager:

·         Atlántic Botanical Garden. City Council of Gijón:
o   ISO 9001 implementation. Jardín Botánico Atlántico. First Botanical Garden in Spain certificate.
o   First Garden known as Accessible for the Disabled Association of Asturias.
o   Implementation of EMAS certification (environment) pending certification.

 -      Technical Reports:

o   Forest valuation of transplant trees  (150 y. old) in Finca la Cadellada (Oviedo) with INDUROT (University of Oviedo). 2005.
o   Survey of adequacy of the Guadalquivir Garden Park (Seville) for setting up a scenic area. Client: Partecsa. Seville. 1994.
o   Technical report on urban intervention affecting tree species in the Cartuja theme park to Thematic Park Isla Magica. PARTECSA.1993
o   Forest valuation: Farm owned by Family Fernández de Córdoba. (Tomares). 1991.
o   Technical Advisory Committee citizen Pro-Parque Miraflores of Seville. 1996.

-      Others. TV and Media programs:

o   Last collaboration in TV: La Quintana de Pola. RTPA . Daily magazine about rural and natural 
o   Since 1989 I have participate in more than 200 programs of TV and Radio.

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