Old Competitions Projects.

Main old landscape projects for competitions.

García Lorca´s Park. Granada. Spain. 1988
We tried to preserve the original house of Garcia Lorca, designing a park that would keep on the "hortus" area surrounding the house and working on the idea of paradise that the people from Granada have, for that we translate the dates from study of the Complutense University about the perception of citizens about their own landscape culture. An Auditorium behind the house was left to perform permanently the Lorca´s theatre plays.

Parque García Lorca. 1988

Parque García Lorca. 1988

Camping Andujar. Jaen, Spain. 1988
On this project the main idea was to transform the old camping in the cultural centre of the village . This project was made with an associated architect who designed the buildings.

Flower Show 1988. Brighton. England.

I worked in Parks & Recreation of Brighton (England) in 1987. During this period, the department made a contest of ideas to design the Flower Show of the following year. This was the winning proposal. 
I drew a joke on the right corner with the Expo´92 Seville Logo than just was announced. Two years later, when I was working in Madrid, Expo´92 asked me if I wanted to be a member of team that finish the Expo. Life has a funny way.

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