Design of elements in Atlantic Botanical Garden.

Design elements to the garden depart from the same raw materials which constitute the common thread in the conceptual design of the whole: water, steel, stone and wood. Simply, no maintenance and ruin as driving idea for integration into the landscape. Thus the self watering pots steel, wood and IPN bridges, the viewpoints or the multiple uses module, are mission role without removed value space. We start from the notion that the designed landscape has to be one in which all plants, air, soil and water are go hand in hand to wrap the visitor.
Module building.

Steel structure based in 3 x 3 m. cube. 
Resting area. Toilets, Instalations and small musseum.

Resting Area between Riparian Temperate Forest.
Today is is one of the points with more demand for visitors in summer.
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Process of construction of office with designed modul.
Module structure. Office in maintenance area.

Mobile Structures for Exibition
Mobile structures to Temporal Exhibitiosn.

Steel, brick and wood. 

Self irrigation container. 




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