Jardín Botánico Atlántico. 2003-2010

A five hundred years old oak forest, a garden late nineteenth-century bourgeois, a rickety set of block, wound and house, with a mill that provides the water to the river and meadows, many meadows, flood plains and other crops about to complete an area of 25 Ha. Spaces connected only by their geographical location and Peñafrancia stream water. 
This was the starting point for the international competition which Gijón City Council was provided with a botanical garden. The result was a master plan and implementing a project won by the multidisciplinary team of Angel Noriega (Tau-Noriega (Architecture),) INGENIAqed (Museum Science) and especially the direction and development botanical INDUROT (Natural Resources Institute and Regional Planning at the University of Oviedo) where we integrate to develop the chapter on landscape (Ricardo Librero. Landscaping.)
The result of this work are the images shown below where, from the use of the Stone, Water and Steel tours are structured in four itineraries in which plants are not attached for consideration as individuals but as part their ecosystems, referenced to its geographic scope, which make up the biomes that visitors can observe.

The result is shown. With a high degree of self-sufficiency, the 15 hectares currently open to the public is already a reference in Gijón, Asturias, as well as one of the models for the development of new botanical gardens in our country. 








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